The willingness of Marylebone escorts in serving you

I have to say that I have never come away disappointed from a date with Marylebone escorts. All the Marylebone escorts that I have met have been able to deliver satisfaction and pleasure in equal proportions. I am sure other escorts can do that as well but Marylebone escorts seem to be able to do that in a very special way.

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Of course, I have been able to find some of my favorite girls and I try to see them at least once a week, if not more. There must be other girls out there who are special but at the moment Theresa and Janice really turn me on.

Theresa is an exotic dancer a couple of nights per week but that does not take her away from her first calling as an escort. She is one of the hottest babes that I have ever met, and I never tire of her. Okay, I do get tired but in the right sort of way if you get my drift.

Long legs is Theresa thing. Yup, that is really great to be able to have long legs when you are a dancer but Theresa finds some amazing uses for those long legs of her. She loves to wrap them around people, and all of a sudden you find yourself in a leg lock. I am not so sure I will ever be able to get enough of Theresa, and there are nights when I have some really kinky dreams about her and her massages. For the moment she is just my sexy girl but in the future I hope that she will be a lot more than that. I am sure many men would feel the same way if they met sexy Theresa.

Janice is a former florist turned escort. I understand that this girl just loves to see things grow, and let me tell you, she can certainly make things grow. Some guys says that things can get a bit out of hand with Janice. Under her cool exterior she is just a little fire cracker waiting to go off with a great big bang.

Let me tell you, she does go off with a great big bang and I have never known anything like it when she is in the mood to tease you and please you.

There are many stunning girls in this part of the world, and I think that you deserve to treat yourself…

You may not think that escorts can get as excited as you can but I can tell you differently. Marylebone escorts are some of the most exciting escorts that you can ever hope to meet. They are hot and willing to give you some sexy companionship.

In the last couple of months I have only dated Marylebone escorts, before that I had a fetish for Salisbury and Wiltshire girls but I have given up on them now. The only girls I want to date are Marylebone escorts. The Marylebone escorts have something special about them, and I just love even the way they make me feel when I first look at them.


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Why is it that my plans for the weekend always go nuts? This weekend I was planning to spend cleaning my flat up, but I am not sure that it is going to work out. One of my gents at Welling escorts has just asked me out for a longer date on Saturday night. He says that he does not want to date any other escort than me, and I don’t want to let him down. We have spent a lot of time together and I do actually enjoy his company.

I seldom get a weekend away from Welling escorts and it would have been nice to have some time to myself. Not only that, but my place is a mess. Now, Alan is insisting that he picks me up from my place. I am not sure about that at all. The place looks a tip and the laundry basket is over flowing. Thinking about it, I am not ready for gentleman callers at all. Especially Alan as he such a special guy to me. It could be that he will not appreciate my messy lifestyle at all.

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In all honesty, I was looking forward to some extra sleep. The other night I got so tired that I feel asleep on the sofa. I had not intended to at all. After coming home from Welling escorts, I had taken a shower and set down on the sofa with my iPad. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep. It is was not the right thing to do but I could not help it. My eyes just closed and I woke up a couple of hours later.

I also have a lot of work that I need to do around the flat. A lot of my house plants need to be repotted. They seem to be growing out of their pots at the moment. On my way home from Welling escorts, I stopped by and bought a big bag of compost. The problem is that I left it in the living room, I am not sure what Alan is going to think if he sees his sexy goddess with a big bag of compost in the living room. Really, am I doing too much?

Here is a status update for you. My date with Alan went well. He did not seem to notice the mess in my flat when he perched on my sofa waiting for me. It was not until that we got out to the car he mentioned by bag of compost. It was probably the first time ever somebody had spoken about compost with a girl from Welling escorts. I laughed and said that I loved plants. Me too he said and told me about his mother’s plant collection. A couple of weeks later, I was having tea with Alan and his mum in her orchid room in Hampshire. We talked about plants and I realized how much Alan had come to mean to me. Oh yes, I have managed to clean up the flat.

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